Don’t be a victim of cyber crime.

Cyber crime has quickly become one of the largest industries in the world, costing American consumers over $100B per year! Criminal organizations are constantly improving their hacking skills finding better and faster ways to break into our devices. Unfortunately in the cyber security game of cat and mouse, the bad guys have been winning for too long.

It’s time for a better way to protect yourself online. Introducing Shield. Shield is the world’s first network security appliance designed specifically for family homes. Shield uses the same professional grade internet security found in millions of businesses around the world to blocks cyber attacks. The Shield internet security appliance keeps your family safe from identity theft and fraud.

ITUS Shield Home Network Security

AntiVirus is dead.

AntiVirus software is less than 50% effective against modern threats. One of the main limitations of AV software is that it must be installed on every device it is going to protect, for many devices this may not be possible.

Complicated and expensive licensing can also make AV software difficult for families with a large number of devices accessing the internet. Shield keeps your family safe from viruses, trojans, keyloggers, and other malware without software or per-device licensing.

WiFi routers are not secure.

Wireless routers are great for convenience but not for security. Most of these devices rely on firewall technology that is over 20 years old. Many modern threats can easily bypass the ‘security’ provided by wireless routers by tricking the user into clicking a malicious link.

Once compromised, an infected device on the ‘trusted’ network can easily bypass the WiFi router’s firewall without any issues. Shield keeps your family safe from cyber attacks that wireless routers can not stop.

ITUS Shield Protects Wireless Routers

ISP gateways do not protect.

Devices provided by internet service providers are great for all-in-one functionality but often rely on the same out-dated security found in other WiFi routers. Internet providers often provide access to anti-virus software as part of their service bundles but nothing to offer protection against modern threats online.

Equipment provided by internet service providers is optimized for speed and connectivity, not security. Shield keeps your family safe from cyber crime by inspecting all traffic crossing the network and blocking threats.

Business firewalls are expensive.

Business solutions can be effective against modern threats but often cost several thousand dollars and require expensive annual subscriptions. Without specialized training or advanced technical knowledge business firewalls can be extremely difficult to install, manage, and maintain.

If the subscription expires, business solutions often stop working all together or provide little advantage over a wireless router. Shield is 100% plug and play with zero complex configuration or installation required and includes a lifetime subscription to essential security updates.

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Shield Home Network Security Appliance

  • Prevent intrusions, viruses, and other cyber threats.
  • Protect loved ones from online threats and scams.
  • Keep children away from inappropriate websites.
  • Keep family members safe from online fraud.
  • Stay secure online when working from home.
  • Block malware and exploits at the network level.
  • Easily protect the connected devices in your home.
  • Comprehensive security with zero software required.
  • Secure unlimited number of tablets, phones, and laptops.
  • Lifetime subscription to essential security updates.

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Block Malware




Prevent Exploits


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Unlimited Devices




Lifetime Updates


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Protect your loved ones.
Protect your loved ones.
ITUS Shield Secure Home Office
Secure your home office.